The I-MAP lab develops clinical rehab services, interventions, transportation resources, and evaluation tools.

Web App

Fitness-To-Drive Screening Measure (FTDS)

The FTDS is a web-based tool for caregivers and/or family members of older drivers and clinicians to identify at-risk older drivers. Caregivers and/or family members who have driven with the driver in the last three months, can rate a driver’s difficulties with 21 driving skills, through this on-line screening.

Mobile App


The PEDI-PRO will provide teens and young adults with developmental disabilities the opportunity to identify the everyday activities and tasks they want and need to get better at doing. The PEDI-PRO will also provide teens and young adults the chance to self-evaluate the progress they make over time: either in school, after receiving specialized training or therapy, or after receiving healthcare services.

Clinical Service

UF SmartDriver Rehab

The ability to operate a vehicle can be integral to a person’s ability to maintain independence and mobility. UF SmartDriver Rehab provides driver rehabilitation services for clients in the greater Gainesville area and throughout north-central Florida.