Aging Road User Information Systems 2020-2021

Principal Investigators

Justin R Mason



Justin R Mason PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Project Personnel

Project Coordinator

Sandra M Winter

Sandra M Winter PhD, OTR/L

Research Assistant Scientist

Web & Database Developer/IT

Jason Rogers

Jason Rogers BS

IT Analyst And Driving Simulator Lab Manager

Database Assistants


Funding Source


This project supports Florida Department of Transportation’s Safe Mobility for Life Coalition and the Aging Road User Strategic plan through provision of a database linked to the Coalition’s Safe and Mobile Seniors website, Find A Ride page.

Through the database, we support information access to aging road users, family, and service providers on availability of alternative transportation services within all 67 counties in Florida. The database has over 400 different transportation services registered with Find A Ride Florida. Availability of such an information will have a positive impact on older adults, especially those who may not drive and need transportation to reach community services (e.g., health care, shopping) as well as social activities. Information from this study will inform policy makers at the state level about transportation gaps, as well as the relationship between transportation availability and health status/outcomes for Florida’s older adults. With up-to-date information on transportation availability and health needs across Florida’s 67 counties, policy makers will be better able to make policy and planning decisions that foster equitable provision of transportation.

I-MAP has been collaborating with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) on this project since 2010. Previous Principal Investigators include: Drs. Sherrilene Classen, William Mann and Orit Shechtman.