The Fitness-to-Drive Screening Measure©: Enabling Caregivers to Detect At-Risk Older Drivers

Published: March 15th, 2015

Category: Peer Reviewed Publications

Classen, S., Medhizadah, S. & Alvarez, L. (2015). The Fitness-to-Drive Screening Measure©: Enabling caregivers to detect at-risk older drivers. Occupational Therapy Now, 17 (5), 12.


Age-related declines may impact an older adult’s fitness-to-drive. The Fitness-to-Drive Screening Measure (FTDS) is a web-based tool designed to assist proxy raters in identifying at-risk drivers. Caregivers, alongside occupational therapists and other health professionals, can use the results of this screening measure to make decisions about driving rehabilitation and continued driving.