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Chair’s address to students during town hall meeting

The Occupational Therapy department is taking action to start addressing a culture change that is both necessary and critical so that each one of our black students and each one of our black colleagues feel that they matter- that means to feel valued and to feel that they can contribute to the value of the department, the college, and the profession.

Exploring Younger and Older Driver’s Trust, Attention and Workload During Vehicle Automation

The Department of Occupational Therapy’s Institute for Mobility, Activity, and Participation team is collaborating with the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering to assess younger and older drivers’ trust, attention, mental workload, and driving performance when using adaptive cruise control (ACC). Furthermore, younger and older drivers’ knowledge of ACC will be assessed before and after being exposed to this automated vehicle technology. Findings will inform researchers and vehicle manufacturers to develop educational material to train drivers to safely use ACC.

Message from the Chair

I am very much troubled, as I am sure you are too-- by the recent killing of Mr. George Floyd. The heinous circumstances surrounding his unrightfully suffering and subsequent death are inconceivable, inhumane and unacceptable. This act is a manifestation of deleterious, derogative, demeaning and destructive forces inherent to racism, ethnocentrism, prejudice, and white supremacy. The image of the police officer’s knee on the throat of a man incapable of defending himself, pleading for help, suffering, and slowly dying--now so engrained in our consciousness, depicts a deep divide of oneness, a violation of concern for others, and is in direct opposition with the core ideologies of humanity--  and of us being extensions of creation’s generosity and love.

Faculty Spotlight: Jamie Pomeranz, PhD, CRC, CLCP

Recently, Dr. Jamie Pomeranz was appointed as the Director of the Social and Behavioral Science concentration in the PhD program in Public Health and as the Coordinator of the Social and Behavioral Science Program Faculty.

UF & UAB’s Phase II Demonstration Study: Developing a Model to Support Transportation System Decisions considering the Experiences of Drivers of all Age Groups with Autonomous Vehicle Technology

The Department of Occupational Therapy’s Institute for Mobility, Activity, and Participation team is collaborating with the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the City of Gainesville to better understand how younger and middle-aged drivers’ perceptions change after exposure to automated vehicle technology. Similar to the Phase I study, which assessed older adults’ perceptions of automated vehicles, participants will be exposed to the autonomous mode of driving simulator and an automated -shuttle operating in downtown Gainesville. Findings will inform policymakers, industry and rehabilitation scientists on perceptions of pre and exposure of this population.

CODY project wraps up and researchers share video

This 5-minute video provides an excellent overview of the project introducing the project to consumers and healthcare professionals involved in home modifications for people with movement impairments.