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Development of Support Systems, Instructional Modules, and a Case Study for the Enhanced Driving Simulator at the Gator Tech Smart House

The Driving Simulator Lab was founded in early 2005 was upgraded in Fall 2016 with a new system from Realtime Technologies Inc. (RTI). The upgrades to the lab was made with the vision of serving as a critical tool to enhancing our understanding of the human-vehicle interactions. The lab will provide for a safe and flexible environment in which alternate technologies can be tested using a variety of subjects (students, elderly, disabled, veterans, etc.). Further, the lab will be available for research purposes to the entire University of Florida. A critical component of enabling multi-disciplinary researchers to pursue these funding opportunities and successfully complete projects using the simulator will be the development of support systems for the lab and instructional modules to assist in training. Administrative procedures and protocols need to beestablished to ensure collaborative, shared, and safe use of the driving simulator lab. This project aimed at developing basic administrative protocols and training material and documenting these in a web site.