OT Receives Funding to Study Perceptions of Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury/Disease on Autonomous Vehicles

Principal Investigator, Dr. Sherrilene Classen and Co-Principal Investigator Dr. Justin Mason, of the OT Department, with Co-Investigators, Dr. Emily Fox of the UF Department of Physical Therapy and Brooks Rehabilitation, and Dr. Babette Brumback of the Biostatistics Department, received funding from the Paralyzed Veterans of America to elucidate the perceptions of adults living with a spinal cord injury and/or disease (SCI/D) as it relates to autonomous (i.e., self-driving) vehicles. Autonomous vehicles may provide an equitable transportation opportunity for individuals with SCI/D, if they adopt this mode of transportation. Participants in this study will provide their perceptions of AVs before and after riding in an autonomous shuttle. Information gained from this research will inform clinicians, rehabilitation scientists, community partners, manufacturers, and care partners of opportunities and barriers to improve individuals’ with SCI/D interaction with autonomous vehicles. Their perceptions and feedback may lead to important steps toward transportation equity for such individuals.

OT Group - Autonomous Trolly
Pictured from left to right: Dr. Babette Brumback, Dr. Justin Mason, Mr. Stephen Hardy, Dr. Emily Fox, and Dr. Sherrilene Classen