Fitness-to-Drive Screening Measure: A Valid and Reliable Tool for Occupational Therapy Practice

Classen, S., & Medhizadah, S. (2017). Fitness-to-Drive Screening Measure: A valid and reliable tool for occupational therapy practice. OT Practice. SIS Quarterly Practice Connections, 2 (1), 19-21. ISSN 1084- 4902.


Older adults are at a heightened risk of fatal motor vehicle crashes due to age-related frailty and declines in physical, cognitive and neurological functions that impact a person’s fitness to drive. The Fitness to Drive Screening Measure (FTDS) is a valid and reliable web-based tool used to identify at-risk older drivers. The FTDS allows proxy raters, including caregivers and health care professionals, to support older drivers in decision making related to continued driving.