Dr. Sherrilene Classen Delivers Keynote Address at Barbara A. Rider Annual Colloquium

Keynote-address-croppedDr. Sherrilene Classen was honored to give the keynote lecture at the 14th annual Barbara A. Rider Colloquium on November 10 at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She spoke on “Prevention Oriented Driving Rehabilitation Science: Blending a Public Health and the Health Professions Perspective.” Dr. Barbara A. Rider is a visionary and national and international advocate for the profession of occupational therapy. She was Chair of OT at WMU from 1976-1986. Dr. Rider has been an active researcher, teacher, and consultant for more than 47 years. Dr. Rider is enjoying retirement with her partner, Dr. Fred Sammons, shown in the picture.