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Independence Drive

Independence Drive (I-Drive) is a University of Florida affiliated program, developed to increase the safe mobility and independence of citizens through driving evaluations, driving rehabilitation, consultations, community education, and training in the use of alternative transportations options. For more information contact idrive@phhp.ufl.edu or phone 888-248-5005, or (352) 265-5200. Check out the In Care of Dad blog for a caregiver's perspective.

Florida Senior Safety Resource Center

The FSSRC website, developed by the University of Florida National Older Driver Research and Training Center, is designed to provide information and resources on alternative forms of transportation, driving knowledge and skills, and links to national organizations that address transportation issues.

Fitness-To-Drive Screening Measure (FTDS)

The FTDS website, developed by the University of Florida Institute for Mobility, Activity and Participation (I-MAP), is a free Web-based tool, ready to use by CDRSs, occupational therapists (OT), other health care professionals, and caregivers and family members of older adults. Findings suggest that the FTDS may help families and caregivers identify at-risk older drivers, help OTs identify an entry point for intervention or referral, and help CDRSs develop realistic intervention goals that promote safe driving fitness.

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