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Teen Crashes: Everyone is at Risk (AAA)


Analysis that shows that between 1998 and 2007 crashes involving 15- to 17- year-old drivers claimed the lives of 28,138 people, of which 10,388 (36.9%) were those drivers themself. However, the majority of fatalities in these crashes were people other than those drivers, and included 8,829 of their passengers, 6,858 occupants of vehicles operated by drivers 18 years of age or older, and 2,063 nonmotorists.

Traffic Safety Facts - Older Population - 2007 Data (NHTSA)


This fact sheet focuses on the older population in the United States which includes all people age 65 and older. In 2007, 13 percent of the total U.S. resident population (38 million) were people age 65 and older.

Let's Go - A Guide to Getting Around Your Community in Florida (FDDC)


This publication provides county-by-county transportation information, including specific services available in each county, as well as contact information for the various agencies that manage transportation services in Florida.

STP Exchange Survey: Low Cost Ideas for Providing Transportation To Older Adults


This brief paper reports on the results of a survey related to "great ideas" for reducing the cost of transportation service delivery to older adults. The impetus of the survey were reports from STP Exchange members who provide transportation services to older adults and reports from senior transportation service providers across the country that: (1) they were facing increased demand for transportation service; (2) their costs for providing service were increasing; and (3) many "tried and true" resources available for transportation service delivery were diminishing.

Florida's Guide for Aging Road Users


During a lifetime, a person will spend thousands of hours driving, walking, biking, or riding. The Florida Safe Mobility for Life Coalition is working to make sure each of those trips - whether in a car, on a bus, bicycle, motorcycle, or by foot - is as safe as possible, particularly for Florida's growing number of aging road users.

Validity and Usability of a Safe Driving Behavior Measure for Older Adults

Summary: FDOT_BDK77_977-17_sum.pdf

Final Report: FDOT_BDK77_977-17_rpt.pdf

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